It is Alive!

Development: Day 2

After getting started at 4pm on Saturday I have had a very productive Sunday actually getting to the game mechanics that I want to include. Here is a screenshot of the current game:

I have Brogue open on another tab for UI inspiration. Hopefully I will have time for a second UI pass.

My favorite feature of the day was implementing an automatic-gun! You shoot a number of ammo each round and those bullets fly through space until they collide. Since the gun shoots multiple bullets per turn you can even kill two killbots if they are lined up in a row!

I have ditched Redux, which makes my React front-end seem silly. While it would be really cool to keep the application fully immutable, ROT.js has mutations all over the place. With more time I might have stuck with Redux and been more pure, but for now I am embracing the object-oriented nature of ROT.js.

Planning / Tracking

I am using Asana to keep track of what has been done and what needs to be done. This is constantly in flux and I am trying to keep each day as its own little sprint. Hopefully I will be feature complete for MVP by the end of Monday. I want a long window for tweaks and content.

I use tshirt sizes to guess the size of a feature. 

Finally, I am keeping track of my time as well, like I normally do when programming. I am not planning on losing any sleep doing this game-jam, I just want to see what I can do with my free time.

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