Slow Progress


The last 3 days have been slow going, I only have the evenings to work on the project so my velocity is slowing way down. Today is the halfway point and I hoped to be dev complete so I could have plenty of time for polish, extra stuff, bugs, and play-testing. I think I will just have to save almost all of that for late Friday and early Saturday. Not great. 


I really should have done a dry run for some of this. Starting Saturday with a completely new engine has had its problems. For example, I spent almost all of my dev time on Tuesday just making sure I could host my build somewhere for free. I thought I knew what I was doing, but choosing to use React early and now not using any of its features has been a pain. These sorts of exercises could have been done beforehand while being within in the spirits of the 7 day timeline.

The Good

I have most of the big features implemented and it is actually sort of fun blinking around the map and shooting killbots.

You zipped through space itself!

I can probably knock out the next bit fairly quickly and get in some better enemies and at least have one level of a game pretty well polished.


This process has been simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting. It definitely makes me want to keep working on this type of thing in my spare time. The community on Discord has been very fun and it is great to see everyone working so hard. I am excited to see where all of this leads.

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